Reporting and Monitoring
Reporting and Monitoring of ASPERA Common Call projects Print E-mail

All Projects funded under the ASPERA Common Calls are required to provide regular reports on progress to the ASPERA Programme Committee. This document provides guidance to Project Coordinators on the reporting process, what information should be supplied to the Programme Committee and the feedback you will receive.

The Reporting Process

Submission of reports

Progress reports on ASPERA Projects are required on an annual basis and the first report should be submitted one calendar year after the start of the project, the reports should cover a calendar year’s work and must be submitted within two months of the end of that year.

Reporting to funding agencies

It is expected that, in the majority of cases, there will not be an additional requirement for collaboration members to submit annual reports to their individual funding agencies, as the agencies are represented through their membership of the ASPERA Programme Committee. However, members should check with their respective funding agencies to confirm that this is the case.

Format of the report

Templates are available for the preparation of the annual and final reports. The templates provide guidance on what to include in the report, page lengths etc. All reports should be written in English.

The annual report template can be downloaded from:

This template should be completed off-line and then sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Review of Reports

The annual reports from the Project Coordinators will be reviewed by the ASPERA Common Call Programme Committee (PC) by correspondence. The reports will be sent to the Programme Committee for review and any comments on the report, plus any queries the PC wishes to raise with the Project Coordinator will be collated by the Secretariat into a coherent response, approved by the PC, and sent to the Project Coordinator. The Project Coordinator will be invited to comment on the feedback and respond to the queries raised and this will be circulated to PC members.