Magnificent Seven

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Magnificent Seven On 29 September 2008, ASPERA published the European roadmap for astroparticle physics , presenting the seven large infrastructures expected to address some of the most exciting questions about the Universe such as: What is dark matter? What is the origin of cosmic rays? What is the role of violent cosmic processes? Can we detect gravitational waves?
This ambitious programme of the "Magnificent Seven" astroparticle physics large projects will gather European countries to open new exciting windows to the Universe. Most of these projects are currently under design studiy or preparatory phase.

  • CTA is a large array of Cherenkov Telescopes for detection of cosmic high-energy gamma rays
  • KM3NeT is a cubic kilometre-scale neutrino telescope to be built in the Mediterranean Sea
  • EURECA is a large-scale dark matter detector
  • LAGUNA is a very large volume deep underground neutrino observatory
  • The Pierre Auger Observatory is an existing infrastructure to be extended with a North site
  • A ton-scale detector for the determination of the fundamental nature and mass of neutrinos is envisaged beyond the current projects.