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3rd ASPERA Technology Forum 2012 Print E-mail
Several “next generation” detectors, emphasised in the astroparticle physics roadmap, are facing technological challenges on cryogenics and vacuum, which are crucial in the research fields of gravitational waves, dark matter search, neutrino mass measurements…
This ASPERA Technology Forum provided a valuable opportunity for bringing together scientists and companies interested in those areas in order to contribute to strengthening the cooperation among stakeholders from industry, astroparticle physics projects and funding agencies to discuss and anticipate new collaborative approaches for technological developments.
Proceedings of the 3rd ASPERA Technology Forum Vacuum and Cryogenics in Astroparticle Physics Infrastructures; Academia meets industry is now available.
The following list show the profiles and the products almost all of the companies which attended the forum active in Vacuum & Cryogenics and working with or wishing to work with the Astroparticle physics community.