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Job opportunities in Astroparticle Physics
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Postdoctoral scholar in experimental particle astrophysics with the IceCube neutrino observatory
Two postdoctoral positions in the field of ground-based GeV-TeV gamma-ray Astrophysics
Two PhD positions on radio detection of cosmic rays at Auger
Postdoctoral Research Position on Very High Energy Astronomy at ETH Zurich
PhD positions in Astronomy & Astroparticle Physics at the University of Amsterdam
Postdoctoral position at UC Davis
Post-doctoral positions at Max Planck Institute fuer Kernphysik, Heidelberg
Postdoc in Neutrino Physics with KATRIN at Wuppertal University
Postdoctoral position(s) in Rome
Postdoctoral scholarship in astroparticle physics at KTH
Auger postdoc position Aachen
Postdoctoral fellowship in computational high-energy astrophysics
Postdoctoral Position in Astroparticle Physics with the AMS experiment
Postdoctoral position for the GERDA Experiment
PhD positions at GRAPPA/University of Amsterdam
Postdoctoral Positions in Theoretical Astroparticle Physics
GRAPPA Fellowship
INFN post-doctoral fellowship for non Italian citizens
Postdoc Positions at the Max Planck Institute in Heidelberg
Assistant Professorship in experimental particle astrophysics at the Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhage
Theoretical Astroparticle Physics Position in DESY
3 year Postdoc Position + 1 PhD studentship on Laser Interferometry at the University of Glasgow
4 Doctoral Research Positions in Experimental and Theoretical Particle/Astroparticle Physics
PhD position in Astroparticle Physics at the GRAPPA Institute, U. of Amsterdam
Positions in theoretical particle physics and early universe cosmology at U. of Base