NESTOR: the deepest experiment Print E-mail
Submitted by Leonidas Resvanis (NESTOR Spokesman)

NESTOR physicists paraphrase an ancient Greek proverb saying, “When the Gods control the signal, the experimental physicists must work hard to reduce the background”. This explains their efforts to deploy and operate neutrino telescopes in the deepest area of the Mediterranean Sea (4000-5200 m).

The first Astroparticle physics boat

A dedicated vessel - the Delta-Bereniki – is being built and is scheduled to leave the shipyard at the end of February 2008. It is a 50-m triangular raised floating platform with the capability of holding position at sea and of lowering/raising loads of up to 16 tonnes to depths of 5 km. It should be fully equipped in the late summer and then will become the very first vessel dedicated to particle astrophysics.

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