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 29 September 2008
 9h30  pdf Welcome   C. de Clercq
 1st Session - Chair: A. Ferrer (MICINN)
 pdf A first instance of European and world collboration, The Solvay conference   P. Marage
 10h00  pdf Outstanding problems in Astroparticle Physics   J. Silk
 10h30  pdf Towards a european strategy for large scale research infrastructures   RJ. Smits
 11h00  Coffee break  
 2d Session - Chair: B. d'Ettorre Piazzoli (INFN)
 11h30  pdf ASPERA process   S. Katsanevas
 11h45  pdf Roadmap ASPERA   C. Spiering
 12h30  pdf Linking underground science   R. Petronzio
 13h00  Lunch  
 3d Session - Chair: M. Bourquin (SNF/UniGe)
 14:30  pdf The Astronet roadmap   M. Bode
 15h00  pdf CERN status and the future of particle physics in Europe   R. Heuer
 15h40  pdf ESFRI roadmap  J. Womersley
 16h00  Coffee break  
4th Session - Chair: D. Bertrand (FNRS)
 16h30  pdf ESO plans for the future   M. Kissler-Patig
 17h00  pdf pdf ESA Cosmic vision and a roadmap for Fundamental Physics in Space   P. Binetruy
 17h30  pdf The future of ASPERA   T. Berghoefer
 18h00  Discussion  
 18h30  End  


 30 September 2008
5th Session: Chair - D. Miller (STFC)
 pdf European priorities/ApPEC   M. Spiro
 10h00  pdf DOE priorities   D. Kovar
 10h30  pdf NSF priorities   J. Dehmer
 11h00  Coffee break
6th Session: Chair - Rob van der Meer (FOM/Nikhef)
 11h30  pdf Japanese priorities   H. Murayama
 12h00  pdf Chinese priorities   H. Chen
 12h30  Lunch  
7th Session: Chair - T. Berghoefer (BMBF/PT-DESY)
 14h00  pdf Russian priorities   V. Matveev
 14h20  pdf Canadian priorities   D. Sinclair
 14h40  pdf Indian priorities   N. Mondal
 15h00  pdf Worldwide Coordination in GW antennas   J. Marx
 15h30  Coffee Break
8th Session: Chair - S. Katsanevas (CNRS/IN2P3)
 16h00  Towards a worldwide coordination   Round table (days speakers)
 17h00  pdf Concluding remarks   C. Rubbia
 17h30  End