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WP1 Objectives:

Overall management of ASPERA-2 

Work package leader: PT-DESY


Description of work: This work package defines the ASPERA-2 ERA-NET administration and management and describes the overall responsibility of the coordinator of ASPERA-2 (PT-DESY). As the work package leader of the overall management he will ensure the successful operation of the ERA-NET as a whole and the bodies defining the management structure such as the Joint Secretariat, Governing Board, and Peer Review Committee.
Task 1.1: Overall Management of ASPERA (Task Leader Partner PT-DESY)

The coodinator will be responsible for the administration of the whole project. In particular, his duties are:

  • Report to the European Commision
  • Contract negotiations and contract amendments
  • Financial administration of the grant and project accounting with ASPERA-2 partners
  • Integration of new partners
  • Organise the work of the Joint Secretariar and the Gob¡verning Board
  • Project monitoirng to keep track of the progress of the work packages and tasks
  • Ensure that milestones and deadlines for deliverables are met
  • Assist to the great majority of the meetings of the network (of the order of oner per month)
  • Mediate between partners that consensus is achieved on each deliverable
  • If required, organise and coordinate the auditing of the project
  • Assure that internal processes for quality control are applied

Methodology: The coordinator, supported by a  part-time officer (employed by PT-DESY), will be assisted by the work package leadres who will report to him. The forum to discuss any administrative or coordination issues is the Joint Secretariat. The work package leadres are responsible for the work progress in their work package tasks; task leadres report to the work package leaders.