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ASPERA has identifed the development of a roadmap for Astroparticle Physics in Europe as one of its main deliverables . This report, also promoted by  ApPEC, describes the status and perspective of the field within Europe and links it to activities in other parts of the world. It aims to promote Astroparticle Physics within the member states of ASPERA, to stimulate coordination and cooperation within the European astroparticle community and to prepare future decisions at National and European levels. This roadmap covers the next ten years, with a focus on the next five.

In ASPERA 1 this task was part of the WP2 and coordinated by FOM concluded by July 2008. The history of this development was the following:

A first version of the document was presented on November 2006 at Valencia in the 1st Roadmap Workshop. Seven thematic working groups were identified to consolidate it with the data concerning funding and human resources, project schedules and objectives, R&D needs for each subject. Within this roadmap, the activities reviewed are broken into five areas, each covered by one chapter:

  • Cosmology and the early Universe
  • Particle Properties
  • Neutrinos as messengers from the Sun, supernovae and the Earth
  • The non-thermal Universe
  • Gravitational Waves
The second Workshop was held in Amsterdam on 20 and 21 September 2007, a very important appointment for all astroparticle physicists.  The third and final phase of the roadmap process, in September 2008, has led to a full priority list within several budget scenarios.
The full European strategy for astroparticle physics document can be downloaded herepdf 
Discoveries lie ahead, but the scientific opportunities challenge budgetary constraints. Coordination, prioritization, well-managed infrastructures and competitive cooperation are mandatory to maximize the scientific output given finite resources.
Update ASPERA roadmap: In the framework of ASPERA 2, under the coordination of CNRS, the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) prepared a complete update of the ASPERA roadmap. This document can be downloaded herepdf The SAC thanks all colleagues who provided valuable input and proposals for modifications.
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    21-22 November, 2011. Paris, France 
    29-30 September, 2008. Brussels, Belgium 
    20-21 September, 2007. Amsterdam, the Netherlands. See the talks
    19-20 July, 2007. Paris, France.
    7-8 November, 2006. Valencia, Spain.
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