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The top priority projects in the European Roadmap will require the solution of new technological challenges and industrial companies will be key suppliers of goods and services. ASPERA-2 has initiated an active interaction between the Astroparticle Physics researchers and Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in Europe through the showcasing the projects and the technological challenges they pose and also the products and technologies developed during the realisation of these projects. This will lead to a better coordination of R&D effort and its faster application in industry, commerce and other scientific areas.
The 1st ASPERA Tecnology Forum was focused on 'Photosensors and Auxiliary Electronics' (21-22 November 2010, Munich). A brochure describing the whole event and its outcome can be downloaded here:
A summary of the major achievements is available here:
The following list includes companies that attended to the 1st ASPERA Technology Forum 2010:
The following projects were presented during the event:
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