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The next generation detectors included in the astroparticle physics roadmap will face technological challenges on mirrors, optical components and lasers, which are of paramount importance in the research fields of gravitational waves and very high-energy gamma rays.
The 2nd ASPERA Technology Forum was focused on Mirrors and Lasers was held at the EGO site in Pisa (Cascina).
This ASPERA Technology Forum provided a valuable opportunity for bringing together scientists and companies interested in the markets arising in these areas and strengthen the cooperation among stakeholders from industry, astroparticle physics projects and funding agencies to discuss and conclude on a new collaborative approach for technological developments.
A brochure describing the whole event and its outcome can be downloaded here:
Two following documents show the state of the arts of the Gravitational Waves and the Gamma-ray Astronomy communities as well as their plan for the future:
    Next generation observatories and the Einstein gravitational wave Telescope project
    Gamma-ray Astronomy
    A glance at the future with the Cherenkov Telescope Array observatory
The following lists show the profiles and the products almost all of the companies which attended the forum and working with or wishing to work with the Gravitational Waves and the Gamma-ray Astronomy communities:

Optics & Lasers


Optics & Mirrors



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