Past Workshops
  Link   Implementing ApP projects: challenges & solutions
18-19 Oct, 2012. Gran Sasso, Italy
  Link   Town meeting in Dubna
14 Sep, 2012. Dubna, Russia
  Link   ASPERA Workshop: Underwater Synergies with Astroparticle Physics
24-25 May, 2012. Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  Link   Computing and Astroparticle Physics - 3rd ASPERA Workshop
3-4 May, 2012. Hanover, Germany
  Link   ASPERA Technology Forum - Vacuum and Cryogenics
13-14 March, 2012. Darmstadt, Germany
  Link   ASPERA Roadmap event - European Strategy for Astroparticle Phys
21-22 November, 2011. Paris, France
  Link   ASPERA Technology Forum - Mirrors and Lasers
20-21 October, 2011. Pisa, Italy
  Link   The next generation projects in Deep Underground Laboratories: ASPERA Workshop
30 June / 2 July 2011, Zaragoza & Canfranc, Spain
  Link   Computing and Astroparticle Physics - 2nd ASPERA Workshop
30-31 May, 2011. Barcelona, Spain
  Link   ASPERA Workshop: From the Geosphere to the Cosmos
1-2 December, 2010. Paris, France
  Link   ASPERA Tecnology Forum - Photosensors and auxiliary electronics
21-22 October, 2010. Munich, Germany
  Link   Computing and Astroparticle Physics - ASPERA Workshop in CC-IN2P3
October 7-8, 2010 CC-IN2P3 Lyon, France
  Link   ASPERA-2 KICK-OFF Meeting
July 7, 2009 DESY Hamburg, Germany
  Link   ASPERA R&D meets industry event
28 October, 2008. Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  Link   Third roadmap workshop
29-30 September, 2008. Brussels, Belgium
  Link   Theory and Astroparticle discussion Workshop
17 March, 2008. Oxford, UK
  Link   Computing and Astroparticle
08 February, 2008. Paris, France
  Link   R&D and Astroparticle Physics meeting
8 January, 2008. Lisbon, Portugal
  Link   Linking Infrastructures Workshop
26 October, 2007. Berlin, Germany
  Link   Second ASPERA Roadmap Workshop
20-21 September, 2007. Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
  Link   Preparatory workshop for the APP Roadmap Phase II
19-20 July, 2007. Paris, France
  Link   Aspera-1st Workshop for the Astroparticle Roadmap
7-8 November, 2006. Valencia, Spain.