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Written by Daniel Marin   
Monday, 07 July 2008

GLASTTo detect cosmic rays directly, while avoiding their interaction with our atmosphere, scientists put detectors on board space satellites. Space can tell us many things about these messengers and we are just starting to find the sources they come from. Of the 40 violent sources of extreme gamma radiation so far detected, a handful corresponds to mysterious “dark accelerators” of cosmic rays, which had not yet been seen at any other wave-lengths. One of the most important recent high-energy as t ropar t icl e physics discoveries is the evidence of high-energy radiation coming from the region around the black hole in the heart of our galaxy.

• AMS • © LMES (Lockheed Martin Energy Systems) •

New space detectors like GLAST, which should be launched in 2008 or the AMS02 experiment will give fundamental contributions in the comprehension of the most energetic phenomena in the Universe and processes such as the formation of new chemical elements and the way matter overcame antimatter.

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