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The story of the Universe
Written by Daniel Marin   
Tuesday, 02 September 2008

Astroparticle Physics is a new field of research emerging at  the intersection of particle physics, astronomy, and cosmology. It aims to answer fundamental questions related to the story of the Universe such as: What is the Universe made of? What is the origin of cosmic rays? What is the nature of gravity?... To answer these very challenging questions, physicists are developing experiments to detect these new messengers from the Universe.

Messenger from the early Universe
Messengers from the violent Universe
Messenger from the violent Universe
Messengers from the invisible Universe
Messenger from the invisible Universe

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Written by Daniel Marin   
Tuesday, 02 September 2008
  is an outreach website from the ASPERA European network for astroparticle physics.

It aims to explain what is astroparticle physics and to provide news, pictures and contents to communicators, journalists and teachers.
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